Welcome to the Kotare Krafts website!  Kotare Krafts, in Kaitaia in the Far North of New Zealand since 2006.  Supplying a unique array of handicrafts, jewelery, clothing etc… sourced locally and from overseas.

Kotare is Maori for Kingfisher the name selected for the business.   A special little bird that frequently is seen around Kaitaia in the Far North of New Zealand.

Travelling mainly in Asia to collect treasures for Kotare Krafts.  In recent years Bali, Thailand and Vietnam and have been able to find some fantastic new products.  This winter I visited Vietnam and Bali, last year Thailand and Singapore and Bali, continually on the lookout  for new exciting Jewelry, clothing and handcrafts for customers.  Contacts in Nepal and India and have recently supplied warm winter clothing, bags and Handcrafts.  I enjoy being able to meet and support small business people in other countries and at home.  I am also passionate about helping in my own community with fundraising projects.

I hope that I am able to offer some inspiration to people that come into the shop.  I make many of the crafts myself including candles, fused glass and some jewelry.  I completed the Diploma of Art and Creativity course with The Learning Connexion in Wellington a few years ago, although much of what I make is self taught and continues to evolve.

I have been making and selling hand crafted candles for over 20 years. We have Candle making supplies and can offer advice and instructions to get you started with making your own.  I am hoping to offer candle making workshops for people in the following year, I will keep you posted.

Even though the majority of what Kotare Krafts sells is from developing countries, we have New Zealand craft and a world perspective.

We have direct dealings with the artisans in nearly all cases and set up systems involving a local with an office and packing and export experience, to coordinate and pay for supplier’s shipments after checking the work against our instructions.

A major ethical issue relates to use of environmental resources.  Timber from government Plantation and recycled timbers (often from ox carts and old houses and boats) is preferred material. Preserving existing natural habitats is important for many reasons. We do not want to play a part in their destruction.

The Palm wax supplier is a member of the round table for sustainable Palm wax and sponsors Sepilok sanctuary in Malaysia. They care like I do for the wild life and the environment.

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